50 Beautiful Arab Girls – Most Beautiful Girls of Arab World

This is an updated list of  ’50 most beautiful girls from Arab world’. We are thankful to one of our readers, Jad from Syria for his contribution to this list, Jad contributed 25 celebrities from Syria, Egypt & Lebanon and now this list have 50 beauties. If you know about any Arab celebrity that you think should have been included in this list, please let us know through comments and we will update this post.
1. Zeina an Egyptian actress best known for her soft features and spontaneous personality.
50 beautiful Arab girls

2. Sulaf Fawakherji is one of the most beautiful actresses nowadays. She act in many syrian series like Thikrayat AlZaman AlQadem and Muluk Al Tawaef.

3. Rana Al Abiad is one of the most beautiful Syrian actress.

4. Jihan Abdelazim is a beautiful Arab actress. She have won title of miss Arab.

5. Dima Bayaa is one of the most beautiful syrian actress.

6. Yasmin abd is one of the most beautiful actress in the Arab cinema industry.

7. Somya khshab is a lovely Egyptian actress and dancer. she is intending to enter the fashion world by opening her own store with her mother.

8. Solaf Foakrje is an actress. She has been presented with an honorary award for being the best female Syrian actress for the year 2005. The Syrian Actors Association will present the actress with the award at a special ceremony at the Damascus International Theater.

9. Safa Sultan is an actress. She was chosen to play by the role of late Egyptian actress “Laila Murad” in the television drama series “Qitharat Al Sharq” (The Eastern Guitar), about her life and musical journey.

10.  Rola Youssef Saad is a Lebanese pop singer and model who emerged in the mid 2000s and is most commonly known for her public feud & rivalry with fellow Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe and her collaboration with Lebanese singing Legend.

11. Randa Marashly is one of the most beautiful Syrian actress.

12. Nour is a Lebanese actress, her real name is Marian Phillip Abi Habib. She was born on 23 December 1977. She began her career as an advertisement model after graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Beirut in 1995.

13. Nesrin Tafish was born in Aleppo Syria, she has a degree in theater arts from Damascus. Mostly known  in Syrian TV series and drama.

14. Nancy Nabil Ajram is a multi-platinum Lebanese singer and Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF [1]. By 2007, Ajram had sold over 2 million records ranking 3rd best selling female artist in Lebanese history.

15. Mena Shalaby is a new star & actress in Egypt with a cute face She is the daughter of the face Egyptian belly dancer Zizi Mustafa.

16. Lelia Atrash is a Syrian actress. She is one of “Bab el Hara” stars however she starring role as Lotfiya which known as Essam wife.

17. Jumana Murad is a Syrian actress best known for her role in the television series al Tarq with actor Mamdouh Abdel A’lim.

18. Ghada Adel was born in Benghazi in Libya. Her father is Egyptian and her mother Syrian. She spent her childhood and her teenage in Libya where she graduated from the University of Carrions.

19. Elisa Khory is a Lebanese singer with multiple Arabic and International awards. She is one of the most well-known female singers in the Arab world and considered as one of the best selling female artists in the Middle East.

20. Dima Kandalaft is Syrian Actress & Singer.

21. Dana Halabi is a Lebanese singer and model. She was born in Kuwait on January 18, 1984. She has held many concerts throughout the Middle East and Europe, and participated in the most significant Arabic festivals.

22. Amal Hijazi is a Lebanese singer, model and pop icon. She is currently one of the most active Lebanese singers and has given a number of concerts throughout the world and has made countless TV appearances.

23. Saba Mubarak is a Jordanian actress. She is star of drama series “Al Ijtiyah”

24. Nadine Tahseen Bek is a Syrian actress. She is well know for television Syrian drama series “Qalbi Maak” (My Heart is with you).

25. Lilia Al Atrash is a Syrian actor  of television, She started her career with the famous actor and writer Yasser al-Azma in the sitcom Maraya.

26. Dominique Hourani is a Lebanese singer, designer, actress, and model. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, she started as a model at a young age.

27. Yamila Diaz Rahi is a super model native to Argentina with Lebanese and Spanish roots, never really thought about becoming a model, much less a super model. Yamila’s life changed one day when a modeling agency spotted her in Buenos Aires where she was actually a student of economics. After that, Yamila Diaz Jumped on a plane to Milan to start her modeling career.

28. Ward-El-Khal is an actress, dancer, and former model.

29. Valerie Dominguez is an actress and model. She was Miss Colombia 2005-2006 and competed at Los Angeles, United States to participate in Miss Universe 2006.

30. Queen Rania Al Abdullah was born on 31 August 1970. She is the current Queen consort of Jordan as the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan.
As a global figure, and considered by some to be one of the world’s most powerful women, Queen Rania has focused her energy, at home and abroad, on a variety of causes, notably education.

31. Nelly Makdessy is a Lebanese singer, songwriter, record producer, instrumentalist and model. Nelly started her career in the amateurs TV program “Kaass El Noujoum” which was broadcast on the Lebanese channel LBC in early 1990s.

32. Nawal Al Zoghbi is a Lebanese singer. Performing in Arabic she has a solid fan base throughout the Arab world and extending into North America and Europe. Her musical career has spanned over 20 years. Zoghbi believes her success is due to the true emotion she delivers through her voice.

33. Nadine Njeim is a beauty queen, former Miss Lebanon, who represented her country in Miss World 2007 in China and Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the Lebanese American University.

34. May Hariri is a Lebanese actress born on December 24, 1979 to a Shia Muslim family in South Lebanon. She is a Lebanese pop artist as well as an actor. She is the ex-wife of singer Melhem Barakat.

35. Leila Bekhti is a French Algerian film and television actress. She went to theater school in Paris (18e) before entering the course of Stéphane Gildas, at Tolbiac, then the course of Bérengère Basty at the Art’aire studio.

36. Lamita Frangieh was born in Zgharta and raised in Beirut. It is a beautiful city in the North of Lebanon where the weather is glorious and ideal for tourism. Having completed her education, she took a course in Psychology of Young Children. Currently she is modelling, working as a fashion editor on the Beauty of Fashion section for a magazine and preparing for a TV Show.

37. Lamia Al-Hachem is a talented actress and a model.

38. Katia Kaadi is beautiful actress and model form Arab world.

39.Karima Adebibe was born in Bethnal Green, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets located in England. Adebibe is of Moroccan, Irish and Greek Cypriot descent.

40. Jenna Dewan is an actress, dancer, and former model. She is well known for her leading roles in Tamara.

41. Hoda Fadel is an Arabic-Lebanese model who is strikingly beautiful because, Because of her deliciously attractive skin tone and Cleopatra eyes and long, slim legs that are out of this world.

42. Haifa Wehbe is a Lebanese model, actress, and singer who rose to fame in the Arab world as runner up for Miss Lebanon and later through the release of her debut album Houwa El-Zaman.

43. Dolly Chahine is a vivacious Arab woman who has a number of completed courses journalism and a real passion for playing the middle eastern instrument called the ‘oud’. Dolly’s interests are: dancing, singing, music, jogging and reading up on vegetarian dishes. She loves spice and tries out her daring recipes on friends for reaction…which she says is “usually pretty good”.

44. Dina Hayek is a popular Lebanese singer. She gained popularity by the release of her second album, Katabtillak. Her father is Lebanese and her mother is Syrian.

45. Diana Karazon is an Arabic pop singer, television host and actress. She rose to fame after winning the Arabic version of Pop Idol called Superstar in 2003. Karazon is the most successful singer in Jordan since 2003 till present as she was awarded by King Abdulla and Queen Rania of Jordan.

46. Diana Haddad is a Lebanese singer and Television Personality with Emirati citizenship. Mainly known as Diana Haddad, she is one of the most popular and successful singers in the Arab World and has been so since the late 1990s.

47. Darine Hadchiti is a Lebanese singer. She started her debut in 2005. Within one year, she was able to attain a considerable amount of success in the Arab world and is famous for her first single Eddam El Kel. She is now known as a rising young Arab singer in the Arab world due to her popular songs and vocals, charisma, and arguably provocative videos.
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48. Cyrine Abdelnour is a Lebanese singer, actress, and model. Her first album, Leila Min Layali, was released in 2004. She released her second album, Aleik Ayouni in 2006, with debut single Law Bas Fe Aini (If he looks in my eyes) becoming one of the most popular Lebanese songs of 2006. Abdelnour has also starred in Arabic TV serials and films since the late 1990s. In 2007 she married Lebanese businessman Farid Rahme.

49. Aline Khalaf is a Lebanese singer. She first rose to fame when she took part in the program for amateur singers, “Layali Lebnan”, and won the Global Medal. This prize gave her a steady push into the world of show business. She began to perform in large restaurants with other stars.

50. Joelle Behlok Miss Lebanon 1997 – Lebanese Actress in the Drama series as the lead female role – Princess Shaima – in the Drama series “The Last Cavalier”.

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