Jeon Ji-hyun in a film industrial espionage escapade

The Korean My Sassy Girl actress Jeon Ji-hyun’s mobile phone SIM card was duplicated by her agent, Sidus HQ, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency confirmed on Thursday.

– We have confirmed both through Jeon and her mobile phone company that her phone had been duplicated, local police said in an interview with Yonhap News.

The agent, Sidus HQ had hired a private detective for some 5000 USD to spy on Jeon Ji-Huyn, but the detective got caught and arrested for violation of the Communications Privacy Act, which protects the anonymity of private individuals from electric interception.

Sidus HQ is one of top South Korean entertainment agencies, with head office in Seoul and a branch in Beijing. The Seoul Cyber Police Force Unit raided all the Sidus HQ’s computer hard drives in two hours time.

Our source doesn’t tell us if Sidus HQ kept their system administrator in the loop about the sensitive data, so he would had the time to wipe it clean with powerful electric magnets or some secure format tools? Maybe it was all written in a database that he managed to migrate off to the Beijing Branch servers?

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