Carrie Small Is The Hottest Mom Of The Lingerie Football League


We came across a story this weekend about a member of the Tampa Bay Breeze from the Lingerie Football League and figured it had been too long since BC waded into the LFL waters.

It was our lucky day because the story introduced us to “The Hottest Mom Of The Lingerie Football League.”

BC has coined just about every other form of “Hottest” and “LFL,” but has never dabbled in the mom category. (See: 9 Greatest Lingerie Football Photo Crops Of 2009)

Until Carrie Small popped up in a Ft. Myers newspaper story.


Carrie and Breeze teammates at a relationship building pool party!

Small is 32 and has a 9-year-old which makes her pretty much an anomaly compared to most of the LFLers who are 24 with a small D implant.

The News-Press gets us a little closer to the LFL MILF.

When she tried out in Tampa, the 5-foot-10 Small, who is an electrocardiographic technician, knew looks were key.

“I don’t think it was a real secret,” Small said.

Small, though, is and has always been an athlete. At Middlebury Union (Vt.) High School she was an outstanding basketball player and soccer player, making first-team all-state in basketball and second-team all state in soccer.

That sounds like marriage material to us. So what’s doing in her personal life? Of course she has the boyfriend who is probably ripped like a Muscle Mag posterboy. Just a guess.

She has the support, though, of her boyfriend, Ryan Richeal, and her family.

“My grandmother has some issues but my family, they’ve supported me playing sports my whole life,” Small said. “They don’t have a problem.”

Richeal attended a game.

“I went in there extremely skeptical,” Richeal said. “And I would say from the first minute on it was a really enjoyable, entertaining.”

Of course it was. Women barely clothed and throwing around a football is much better than sitting at home watching bowling on ESPN, right.

C’mon, Richael, tell the newspaper that all guys should experience life with a girlfriend who tells you all about post-game showers and LFL barbecues. Personally we just dreamt of a woman who was into going to sports bars. This guy hit the girlfriend lottery and he doesn’t even have to pay for the kid!

If you know of a hotter LFL mom, we need to see examples from her portfolio.

[Fort Myers mom juggles career, family and Lingerie Football League gig]


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